Renee, Bob and Bobby Heuser with Calvin (the Helpful Dog)

Our Journey

Hi, we're the Heuser Family! We opened Heuser Ace Hardware in March 2015, and would like to tell you a bit about ourselves, and our journey.

Four years ago, we lived half a country apart and enjoyed different careers. Bob was a Chemical Engineer, managing a plant in Baltimore, Maryland. Renee was a 1st Grade teacher in Maryland, and Bobby managed Consumer Strategy for a major bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We came to a cross-roads. We realized that life is too short, and family is too important to live half a country apart. We strongly believe in the importance of small business to America, and had long kicked around the idea of a family business. So in 2012, we took the leap.

We spent almost three years understanding the hardware industry, the local area, determining what folks in the lowcountry wanted in a hardware store, then designing and building our building. In March 2015 we opened, and operate the store each and every day. 

We're typically at the store, so come on by, we'd love to chat with you.